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On-Site Learning Information

On-Site Supervision

All students who can learn safely at home MUST transition to remote and flexible learning.  This includes children in secondary schools who are considered vulnerable but have access to a suitable learning environment at home.

On-site learning and teaching programs for children at secondary government schools, will be offered based on the school’s assessment and understanding of the safety risks faced by students and families.

Sending a child/children to school is NOT a choice.  A parent/carer needs to justify that they cannot provide care and supervision at home and cannot make other arrangements.

Students who are on-site WILL NOT receive any extra teaching and will ONLY be supervised to complete their on-line learning in a closed room.

On-site Application Form

Parents/Carers are required to complete an on-site application form (linked on this page) and submit this each week to allow schools to effectively manage on-site supervision.  An application form must be completed and sent via email to heywood.sc@edumail.vic.gov.au by Thursday 12:00.  Families will be informed by Friday 12:00.

Parents/Carers are expected to collect their child/children when they finish work.  The child/children cannot stay at school all day unless the parent is working all day.

Most importantly, the school will determine if the parent/carer meets the threshold for on-site supervision.  It is not a right to send the child to school unless they meet the threshold.