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Grade 6 – Year 7 Transition Program


Transition is an important process for students entering the college for the first time and as they advance to the next stage of their education.


At Heywood and District Secondary College we are aware that the change from Grade 6 to Year 7, although exciting for many students, can also be a source of anxiety and apprehension. It is our primary focus to ensure our students feel safe and happy. Hence, a careful Transition Program has been organised to prepare students for their move to secondary school. We have an innovative House System which aims to build healthy, resilient students who will thrive in school and adult life.


The program involves a series of activities including:

  • Visits to primary schools by our Transition Team
  • Orientation Information Evening for parents
  • Visits to the Secondary school and part of classes run by teachers
  • Maths Games Day
  • Orientation Day for Students
  • Year 7 Induction Program and Camp


Extra orientation visits can be arranged for students.