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What to do if your child is away?

We all know it happens from time to time. There are many reasons as to why your child may need to be away from school. In the case that this does happen we ask that you contact the school in the morning of the day they are absent and inform the school as to the reason why they are not at school. In the case of extended absences, it’s important that the school is notified as early as possible and if needed school work can be organised to work on at home.  


Monitoring your child’s attendance

At HDSC we place a high importance on attendance at school, as it can have a major impact on the learning outcomes of a student over the course of their schooling years. At HDSC there are many ways in which you can monitor the attendance of your child. We encourage parents and caregivers to use Xuno, our student management system, for up to date attendance. Our 6 weekly report cycle also offers the opportunity to see your child’s attendance and as a parent / caregiver are welcome to contact the school and talk to either the Junior or Senior school Managers or home group teachers for further details on your child’s attendance.