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Heywood and District Secondary College House system uses a vertical structure that encourages stronger student relationships across all year levels and connectedness to teachers and the school community. The House systems helps promote greater extra curricula participation, attendance and academic performance.

The House program contains three distinct groups:

  • Dooliba Dragons
  • Gumerooka Gecko’s
  • Tallawalla Tigers


Each House is further broken down into smaller Home Groups. Each Home Group has students from a range of year levels. A House Leader and mentor teachers lead the Houses, along with elected student leaders. Every student is known in depth and encouraged along a positive path to achieve their potential.

The spirit of respectful competition is alive and well at Heywood and District Secondary College as each house battles for house points across a number of different areas that allows all students the opportunity to contribute. These areas include Sports, Music, Library, Arts, Attendance, Community engagement and participation, Positive Behaviours for Learning and demonstrating our core values of Growth, Respect, Integrity and Pride. 


At the end of the school year the points from all of these disciplines are calculated with an overall House being awarded champions for the year, along with Swimming and Athletics.