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Standing Tall

The Standing Tall program trains caring community volunteers to become mentors to students at HDSC.  Mentors come from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences.

Our mentors visit their allocated student for an hour each week, helping to identify strengths and providing a trusted adult role model.  Our aim is to provide the encouragement and support that will allow our students to reach their full potential, and become valuable members of our community.

Students are accepted to the program for various reasons:

  • To build on their leadership skills.
  • To help them grow self-confidence and resilience.
  • Assist them to engage in their education.
  • Give assistance with goal setting and aspiration.
  • Provide them a trusted adult outside the family to talk to.

Students may be referred by parents, staff or themselves.

The program values are integrity, trust, respect and shared responsibility.  The emphasis on these values along with a solid nurturing relationship with the mentor, help facilitate emotional and social growth in our mentored students.

Any further queries regarding the program can be directed to our Standing Tall Co-ordinator.

Email: heywood.sc@education.vic.gov.au

Phone: (03) 5527 1303