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HDSC School Captains of 2019

School Captain : Alexandra Mitchell  Mitchell,Alexandra
School Captain : Djakira Hope  Hope,Djakira

S.R.C. - Student Representative Council

In providing our students with every opportunity to be heard, students elect representatives at each year level to make some decisions regarding the general running of the school and student welfare issues.

Along with the year level representatives, a panel of senior students act in the roles of president, secretary and treasurer to oversee the proceedings of the meetings which are held on a monthly basis.

Being split into a senior and junior SRC committee means that both the senior (years 10-12) and junior (years 7-9) representatives have the opportunity to speak openly and make decisions which directly concern their school life.

SRC Executive

SRC President : Megan Grey  Gray,Megan
SRC Secretary : Jack Simonds  Simonds, Jack
SRC Treasurer : Stephanie Turri  Turri,Stephanie
SRC Publicity Officer : Zoe Fisher  Fisher,Zoe

SRC Representatives

Year 7 : Samuel Graham  Graham, Samuel
Year 7 : Annie Smith  Smith, Annie
Year 8 : Tyleah Barr  Barr, Tyleah
Year 8 : Alison McGrath  McGrath, Alison
Year 9 : Kayden Bell  Bell-Cooper, Kayden
Year 9 : Jack Simonds  Simonds, Jack
Year 10 : Nakaya Frankland  Frankland, Nakaya
Year 10 : Tahleike Biasol  Biasol, Tahleike

House system

As part of our commitment to extra-curricular activities, the school provides our students with the opportunity to compete with and against peers on a regular basis, in our interhouse sporting activities.

Split into three houses named Dooliba, Gumerooka, and Tallawalla, which are blue, green and red respectively, our students are given the opportunity to gain recognition in sporting events.

Leadership roles within the house system allow senior students to gain valuable experience in leading a group of students, a skill highly sought after when our students enter the work place later in life.

An emphasis has been placed on encouraging our students to participate as much as possible, with points being awarded for participation in an event even if they are unsuccessful in making it to the interschool events which are offered. The swimming and athletics carnivals, along with cross country running and various lunchtime activities, allow students to shine in areas where elsewhere they may be overlooked.

At Heywood and District Secondary College we believe that all these benefits gained through the competitive yet friendly sporting environment will improve the demeanour and general morale of our students. In this regard we believe our program has been highly successful.

Dooliba Captain : Shakira Stuchbery  Stuchbery,Shakira
Dooliba Captain : Lindsay Bryden  Bryden,Lindsay
Gumerooka Captain : Aaliyah Rowe  Rowe,Aaliyah
Gumerooka Captain : Megan Gray  Gray,Megan
Tallawalla Captain : Stephanie Turri  Turri,Stephanie
Tallawalla Captain : Zoe Fisher  Fisher,Zoe