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What Makes Heywood & District Secondary College Unique? 

Webster,Kelly‘Our mission is to build partnerships between students, families, staff and the wider community, with an emphasis on high quality and innovative teaching and learning’.

Our mission statement guides our purpose throughout all areas of our learning community. We are a small school and a key strength of our size is our capacity to build strong relationships within our College. We value our partnerships with families and the wider community. We are constantly working on the professional relationships between staff and most importantly the relationships with and between students. As a result we pride ourselves on the positive environment we develop for our students.

The size of our College creates some challenges in terms of curriculum delivery. However, through this challenge comes invention. Innovation is a clear platform for the architecture of our curriculum structures. We have developed structures that allow us to offer a wide range of subjects at the senior level. Our VCE offerings are quite exceptional with access to these subjects beginning at Year 10. On average, our classes at VCE level hover between five and ten students. The advantages in terms of the specific and frequent feedback we are able to deliver in comparison to other schools are quite significant.

Throughout all areas of the College our innovation continues to allow us to measure up with larger institutions. Some key areas of difference are:

  • A structured pathway into Agriculture with our involvement in the ‘RIST’ program that links into VCE Agriculture and Horticulture.
  • Extensive use of the ‘Virtual classroom’ a proven video conferencing delivery method to expand our VCE subject offerings.
  • An extensive camps program at each Year level with a variety of experiences, from Urban to Wilderness environments. These camp experiences are woven into our curriculum delivery.
  • Our capacity to individualise our programs. Each student is guided into developing their own learning plan and articulating that through student lead interviews with staff and families.
  • Clear student management guidelines that have a strong emphasis on relationship building through the use of Restorative Practice as the guiding principle.
  • Student leadership programs that see our student representative council have real input into College life.
  • Extensive sporting involvement where we consistently compete on equal terms with schools of much greater size.
  • Realistic and valuable community links that enhance our curriculum.
  • Pathways and careers advice that is embedded into our curriculum from Year 7.

Come in and see us in operation.

I look forward to talking with you in person.

Kelly Webster

Schintler,BrentonHeywood & District Secondary College is a small, rural school that strongly believes that students are at the heart of our community. We are committed to making positive relationships with our students, families and the community and believe that students achieve their personal best when we work together to support their learning and have high expectations.

Our mission is to build partnerships between students, families, staff and the wider community with an emphasis on high quality and innovative teaching and learning. Our school values: Respect, Responsibility and Achievement are the centre of our shared expectations to ensure that learning, safety and rights of all are respected and support all students and families who come from diverse backgrounds, communities and experiences.

Our teaching team believe that they are life-long learners and are continually keeping up to date with the latest ‘best practice’ in research and education trends to ensure they deliver high quality learning. Staff observe their peers classes to give feedback on new teaching techniques or on improvements they wish to make. We strive to give our students consistent messages across the school and have developed a HDSC classroom model of teaching to help us with this. Our staff have a commitment of ensuring all students reach their potential in their chosen pathway and up hold high expectations in regards to attendance, achievement and behaviours.

In 2014 we re-introduced our vertical House System where students meet with their Home Group Leader and a small group of students in years 7-9 or 10-12. It is here where we develop stronger relationships and act as a first point of contact for students and their families. The Home Group Leader is involved in the Student Led Interviews’ and meet daily with their Home Group and deliver pastoral care activities. House Coordinators oversee the wellbeing and discipline of students for years 7 – 12 within our three Houses – Dooliba, Gumerooka and Tallawalla.

We have an energetic wellbeing team who consist of a Wellbeing Co-ordinator, Chaplain, School Nurse, House coordinators, Koorie Education Worker, Assistant Principal and Principal. Our Standing Tall Mentoring program runs alongside our wellbeing team to give students positive role models from outside our immediate school environment. Our mentors are volunteers from our local community who give up their time to work with a student to develop their talents. Heywood and District Secondary College upholds a school culture with clear expectations of students and restorative approaches. We believe in teaching positive behaviours and the use of logical consequences to address appropriate and inappropriate behaviours, where students are able to fix problems with integrity and learn from their mistakes.

At Heywood and District Secondary College we have a strong transition program that runs through-out the year and supports students as they enter, move through and leave the college. Grade 6 students from our local feeder school visit on a termly basis to complete an afternoon of activities run by the different learning areas within the college. Grade 6 students in the area also get to participate in our annual Maths Games Day. When students enter the school they are greeted by their House coordinator who ensures that they have everything they need and buddy’s them up with another students. At the end of each year students in Years 9 -11 participate in a ‘Headstart’ week where students meet with their teachers make the transition to the next stage of learning. During this time the school also runs study sessions so students can get the best out of their senior years. Students are also supported during their time at the college through our Multi-Lit and G.R.I.N programs. The school also runs an afterschool Homework Club that is staffed by teachers and support staff.

You are always welcome to come and see if our school is the place for your child.


Heywood & District Secondary College wishes to acknowledge that our chaplain / student welfare officer is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, under the National School Chaplaincy Welfare program. The appointment will provide our students and families with extra support and the Student Wellbeing & Engagement team welcome the addition of a chaplain to our team.

Heywood & District Secondary college acknowledge the support of the Country Areas Program, which is an Australian Government initiative.

Heywood & District Secondary College and Heywood Consolidated School consider the safety of children as being of paramount importance.

Both schools have zero tolerance of child abuse.